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Melanie C - on a mission tour 2003

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Easier to let go
Give in to yourself tonight
Get on with the show
Expect me not to be so pure
Give me one for the road
Got a fever for sure

Yeah yeah yeah - I'm on a mission
Yeah yeah yeah - If you're with me raise your hands
Yeah yeah yeah - Got no inhibitions
It's our decision, we're gonna have a good time
Yeah yeah yeah - Got a new religion
Yeah yeah yeah - Gotta take me as I am
Yeah yeah yeah - I've got expectations
With gradification, we're gonna have a good time

So when this thing is through
If you wanna be with me
I'll be lookin for you
Feel the energy tonight
Feelin' the groove
I feel it spinnin around

I got desire
I feel inspired
I wanna go much higher
And baby I don't wanna come down
All I want is to be excited
So come on, get united
No more need, to hide it
If you're really with me than come on and raise your hands

Melanie C - on a Mission Tour 2003

KÖLN 09.12.2003

HANNOVER 10.12.2003

BERLIN 12.12.2003

HAMBURG 13.12.2003

NEU-ISENBURG 15.12.2003

MÜNCHEN 16.12.2003

FILDERSTADT 17.12.2003

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Ich bin keine Signatur, ich putz hier nur...
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